Eagan Arms Public House
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We are Open for takeaway, patio seating and inside seating and we have pull tabs and E-tabs! call for a reservation today 651-348-7361

We are HERE!!! Come meet our crew!

It all started 3 years ago when Lee and Tracie moved to Eagan, MN. There are two things Lee loves as much as Tracie and that is football (the European version) and Tacos, which leads us to the bar on the corner of the Lexington Center. Lee and Tracie would spend hours sitting in this bar discussing plans for their next pub over Modelo Especials and European football. Little did they know that in only a short 2.5 years that little bar would become their Dream Pub. The location is exactly where they wanted it, on the corner of Diffley and Lexington across from an outdoor sports complex and only 2.5 miles from Lebanon Hills Park. The space is perfect for the concept of an Isles Pub or Public House as our name states. As Wikipedia states “It is a social drinking establishment and a prominent part of British,[1] Irish,[2] Breton, New Zealand, South African and Australian cultures[3]. In many places, especially in villages, a pub is the focal point of the community. In his 17th-century diary, Samuel Pepys described the pub as “the heart of England”

Eagan Arms Public House was created for the community. It is a place to gather with friends and family. We are a family-friendly pub that strives to make everyone feel welcome. So whether you are interested in a hearty feast of Cottage Pie or Bangers and Mash, you will be able to wash it down with a wide range of Imported beers such as Guinness and Smithwicks and of course the original Strongbow cider. Plus we offer a great selection of small children’s meals as well as many delicious vegetarian options. We are truly striving to be the pub described as “the heart of Eagan”

Thank you so much for your wonderful support. #eaganarmspublichouse

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Eagan Arms Public House offers extraordinary single malt Scotch tastings the second Thursday of the month from October 2020 through June 2021 as well as private tastings perfect for special events.




*Important Notice - We card everyone regardless of age or frequency in the pub. Please be prepared to show your valid ID, if planning to purchase alcoholic beverages.*