Getting Hot & In the News

Some facts have to be faced: the Bay City Rollers were inexplicably onto something about Saturday night while the rest of us apparently slept. (How had that anthem idea escaped the world until 1976? And why was it the Bay ... [READ MORE]

St Andrew’s Is Here!

While the official St. Andrew's Day is November 30--St. Andrew being the patron saint of Scotland--that doesn't prevent a grand gathering under that name. Minnesota's St. Andrew's Society, a Scottish heritage and culture group, will be in the pub tonight ... [READ MORE]

Our First Photo Essay

Happy days! Our friend Kathryn (now living large--or is that "Sie lebt gross!"--in Stuttgart, Germany!) has sent along a little photo essay of an eve at Eagan Arms Public House. And she's included some supporting words with the pics. She ... [READ MORE]